Even though the demo site shows a large background with an image and text, you can use your imagination for this area on your Front Page (or any other pages of your site) but try to be creative. But it doesn’t mean you have to publish anything here either as this will depend on your site and what you are putting into it. However, you should be able to put almost anything here, like:

  • Text Promo content
  • Static image
  • Media modules (hopefully)
  • Table layouts of complex content
  • etc.

Setup your Module for the Banner Position

  1. Login to your admin
  2. Top menu of your admin, go to Extensions >> Module Manager >> and click NEW
  3. Choose the Custom HTML module type – as this will more likely be what you will use for content. Or, if you have a special module installed for media or other, you can open that module and assign it to the “banner” module position.
  4. Decide if you will only display this module on the front page or on other pages as well by assigning it to the menu items list.
  5. Click SAVe and view it on the front of your site.
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