Our Plugins

Versatile custom solutions for dynamic businesses

Our Plugins

Versatile custom solutions for dynamic businesses

Mailchimp Sync User Plugin

Mailchimp Sync Users

MailChimp leads are all about customer retention. In this plugin, instead of syncing just one way, contacts added are synced both when added through MailChimp and when added through WordPress. This synchronicity simplifies the customer-acquisition process, producing more leads and fewer headaches. Custom solutions are what makes us tick at Scepter, and this project was no exception.

Localize WP pages with city and state img

Localize WP pages with City and State

For this plugin, an innovative solution was created for the problem of needing to create custom URLs that act as ‘localized’ versions of the page. This translates into a rock-solid SEO strategy that produces as many mentions of the local city and state as possible throughout the page’s meta-data. Having this data in the URL of the site for each local page creates a more search engine optimized site attracts more organic local traffic.

Woocommerce Plugins

woo automatic scroll plugin

Woocommerce – Automatic Product Scroll

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woo automatic scroll plugin
woo automatic scroll plugin

Woocommerce – Infinite Scroll

Having the ability to scroll indefinitely through products was the premise behind this custom Woocommerce plugin. Using smart ‘lazy-loading’, the user is able to scroll through as many products as the store owner has set up. This allows a modern, social-media-esque user experience that translates to fewer site-bounces and more purchases. Adding value to companies is our bread and butter, and this app is a fine example of how we accomplish this.

inventory sync plugin

Woocommerce – Sync inventory to child site

For businesses that operate under a franchise or multi-level model, having a way to sync products from one master inventory to all child sites is invaluable. This plugin achieves exactly that, allowing a larger central site to be the sole inventory hub for many satellite sites. Created with the latest WordPress standards and best practices, this app is lean, mean, and ready to boost sales.


Woocommerce – Show retail markup based on user

Dynamic pricing is a term that gets thrown around a lot on the web these days. For this app, different prices and products can be displayed based on user role, whether or not they have an account and more. This tiered structure gives shop owners more flexibility as they target different types of site visitors. From repeat customers to first time purchasers, this app allows dynamic control over inventory prices, making the platform more intuitive and flexible.